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A possible investment in Fairventures Social Forestry represents a direct investment in a natural resource. The economic result is not fixed in advance, but depends on various risk factors. Furthermore, the investment in Fairventures Social Forestry is not a deposit business. There is no deposit protection as there is for bank deposits. A direct investment in Fairventures Social Forestry is associated with considerable risks and can lead to the complete loss of the invested assets (risk of total loss).

The information on the website is not a sufficient basis for an investment decision. An interested investor should only make such a decision on the basis of further information.

Fairventures Social Forestry GmbH advises each potential investor to make a decision regarding opportunities and risks based on their personal situation and investment strategy. We recommend: Seek advice from independent professionals (e.g. tax advisors, forestry experts, lawyers, consumer advocates). During the consultation, all data relevant to an investment and its possible financing should be checked by the experts for correctness and plausibility.

Fairventures Social Forestry GmbH does not provide investment advice and does not assess whether the investment meets the investment objectives of the interested party, the resulting investment risks are financially viable for the investor and the investor with his knowledge and experience can understand the resulting investment risks.