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In the last two years a lot has happened. Fairventures Social Forestry continues to make a lasting impact in Borneo, where everything started. And now we want to take our actions one step further. We are already empowering hundreds of local people, creating not only job opportunities but also an impact for the environment through our green climate solution. We are extremely proud of our achievements but this is only the beginning. We now need your support to further expand our work with our Showcase Project in Borneo. For the first time in Fairventures Social Forestry’s history, this gives you the chance to be an active part of our climate solution. With your investment you can save the environment, create job opportunities for the local population and earn money with it. What are you waiting for?

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Soon, we are starting our first crowdfinancing campaign. Let us know today, if you want to be part of our community of doers by completing the form below.

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