Our Project

We work with local smallholders on larger areas with secure land titles to reforest degraded land areas with agroforestry plantations. What this means? We are  growing timber and non-timber forest products,  while conserving existing forests on the land.

In 2019, we opened a 3,000 ha Social Forestry plantation in partnership with local communities in Borneo, Indonesia. The proof of concept of a scalable reforestation approach that can be replicated on 100,000’s of hectares.

The land offers the potential for approximately 1,200 ha for reforestation and 1,200 ha for forest conservation, with a total climate potential of approximately 300,000 t CO2eq. Which provides livelihoods for approximately 750 people from the communities.

By investing in Fairventures Social Forestry’s sustainable and profitable climate solution, YOU become an active part of a community of doers, helping to shape a safe and green future.

Our Project Area

We cooperate with the local permit holders, providing management expertise, access to markets and required capital.

Our social business model rehabilitates degraded land while providing a return on investment and generating sustainable income sources for local communities. The business model is based on three distinct revenue streams: fast-growing timber (45%), cash crops and non-timber forest products (NTFPs, 40%), and carbon (15%).

Our current project area is located in the district of Gunung Mas, Central Kalimantan, Borneo, Indonesia.

Our Impact

Fairventures Social Forestry has developed a holistic approach based on sustainable, economically-viable reforestation models. By 2027, we aim to manage 100,000 ha, creating attractive investment opportunities, improving the livelihoods of approximately 50,000 local people, protecting biodiversity, and sequestering and conserving approximately 300,000 t/ CO2 equivalent per year.

Our work has a positive impact on multiple levels:

Local Communities

We improve the livelihoods of local people by transferring knowledge, creating sustainable income opportunities and supporting community development.


We reforest degraded areas and conserve existing forests to halter deforestation and unsustainable land use, while restoring degraded land and sequestering carbon. Through carbon sequestration carbon is removed from the atmosphere rather than just reducing emissions.

All Projects

Invest in our climate solution and join our community of doers.

Our Crowdfinancing has ended!

When we launched our first crowdfunding campaign about three months ago, we set ourselves clear goals: for the first time, we wanted to give private individuals the opportunity to participate in our project in Borneo, not only to do something good for the climate, but also to invest sustainably. However, we also set ourselves a clear deadline for the funding threshold: We wanted to collect the required 200,000 euros within the first three months. Unfortunately, we did not reach this goal and therefore decided to end the campaign early.

But don’t worry. Fairventures Social Forestry will continue to exist in the future. We have already been working on new topics for a few weeks.

Help us shape a safe and green future

There’s light at the end of the tunnel. Become a part of our community and actively protect the climate together with us. How it works? We’re happy to explain it to you. Just send us an email with your questions.